For more than 20 years, Omega has offered hope and healing to veterans and family members dealing with issues of post-traumatic stress, re-integration into society, and resilience in the face of unique challenges. Recently, Omega held two separate programs aimed at helping veterans heal from the wounds of war during the same autumn week.

The first was a 5-day certification program for yoga teachers, taught by Warriors At Ease cofounder, Robin Carnes, and Exalted Warrior Foundation founder, Annie Okerlin. Seventeen certified yoga teachers gathered at Omega to receive hands-on training based on the acclaimed Warriors At Ease training course. They addressed combat-related issues through yoga, and the art and science of teaching yoga in a military setting.

The second was a woman-only retreat for active duty military and veterans healing from military trauma. It was taught by Warriors At Ease cofounder, Col. (ret.) Pat Lillis, and veterans advocates—Maj. Susan Lynch and Col. Alison Ward. Twenty-two women attended to explore ways to face and release traumatic stress, and increase resilience.

During the course of the week, participants from both programs formed bonds through shared meals and quiet conversations outside the classroom. Program teachers and participants conspired on ways to stay in touch and support each other. The yoga teachers were eager to put into practice the new skills they had acquired, but in need of students to practice teaching with.

The women military and veterans were looking for ways to continue the healing process and take their Omega experience home with them. So they decided to pair up wherever it was geographically possible. Several matches were made, allowing the yoga teachers to offer a few free sessions in exchange for the opportunity to practice teaching—with the possibility of the students electing to hire the teachers long term if desired. In the instances where it was not geographically easy to pair people, the group turned to the Warriors at Ease network of trained teachers for assistance in facilitating matches. It has been a win-win situation.  

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