Andrew Faust

The confluence of peak oil, loss of biodiversity, and widespread pollution from carbon-based industries all point to the growing need for an alternative to our way of living. Using natural, scientifically based approaches, the worldwide permaculture movement addresses these issues to develop a healthy, vibrant, more sustainable model we can all use—right at home.

During this 5-day workshop, leading permaculture teacher Andrew Faust shows us how to live off the grid, while staying connected to our communities and the world. We learn to:

  • Turn our home, farm, or cabin into a self-sufficient, low-energy-use, off-the-grid dwelling
  • Use natural energy supplies like passive solar and gravity-fed water systems
  • Detox our home and clean indoor air with plants
  • Develop organic, biodynamic, and biointensive home and rooftop gardening techniques
  • Turn wastes into resources with gray-water sumps, composting for home and garden, and eco-outhouses