The Eco Machine™ at the Omega Center for Sustainable Living (OCSL) was featured on CBS New York News: Seen at 11 this week.

The Eco Machine™ is the latest in nature-influenced technology designed by John Todd, a pioneer in the field of ecological design. An Eco Machine™ are water reclamation systems that clean water by mimicking the processes of the natural world. Together, John Todd Ecological Design, Inc., Natural Systems International, BNIM Architects, and the Chazen Companies designed an Eco Machine™ to address Omega's unique needs as a seasonal educational retreat center.

All the water from Omega's campus, including water used in toilets, showers, and sinks, flows to the Eco Machine™, where it is purified by microscopic algae, fungi, bacteria, plants, and snails. This natural water reclamation process cleans the water using zero chemicals. In large dispersal fields under the parking lot, the purified water is returned to the aquifer deep beneath campus.

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