Community Life FAQ

Q: Will I find people on a similar life path to mine?
A: Our community is comprised of individuals of all backgrounds who believe in lifelong learning, for themselves and others, and who are committed to giving through service, and see this as a way of deepening personal growth. If this is the path you are on, you will find others who are similar,  to share ideas and knowledge with, and make new friends.

Q: What is the Omega community like?
Omega is many different things to different people, which reflects our dedication to embracing holism and creating a welcoming space. It’s up to everyone to contribute to the sense of community and the shared goal of Omega’s mission to bring hope and healing to individuals and society.

Q: Is Omega an ashram, religious institution, or spiritual center?
Omega represents a variety of holistic disciplines and is not oriented toward one spiritual tradition. Omega welcomes and honors all spiritual paths. While some individuals are devoted to a personal spiritual practice, others are not. We ask everyone to be welcoming, accepting, and tolerant of diversity in all its forms.

Q: Will I have full participation in community decisions?
In day-to-day matters that affect seasonal roles, input is welcome. However, any decision that affects the entire campus or Omega’s business decisions will be made at a supervisory level. Our decisions are made in the interest of the whole community, based on many years of history and experience.

Q: What are the qualities Omega looks for in Seasonal Community Members?
 We seek individuals who are focused on life-long learning and identify with our mission and core values—warm and friendly people who are genuinely committed to welcoming and supporting our workshop participants during their stay, and who are committed to providing professional and compassionate service to our community.