Omega Wellness Center

Body Therapies

For all Body Therapies, please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.

Belly Therapy

25 minutes $60, 50 minutes $90

A therapeutic approach to balancing the body’s systems through carefully applied abdominal manipulation, Belly Therapy soothes and addresses digestive disorders, chronic stress, and emotional overload, treats restrictions in breathing, and stimulates energy flow. The belly holds our digestive track and inner organs, and is home to our gut feelings and intuitions. 70% of the immune system is in the gut, and over 70% of serotonin (our “happy hormone”) is produced there. This service is not suitable during pregnancy.

Body Tuning®

25 minutes $65, 50 minutes $110, 80 minutes $140

Body Tuning® is an advanced form of bodywork. It combines elements of orthopedic physical therapy, medical massage, remedial exercise, and a variety of other modalities. It can help reduce pain and increase range of motion. The practitioner relies on intuition, innovation, and creativity to alleviate conditions in the skeletal, muscular, and connective tissue systems and can focus on either chronic or acute concerns, providing a comprehensive session for your needs.

Craniosacral Therapy

50 minutes $95, 80 minutes $140

Craniosacral therapy uses delicate, noninvasive touch to assist the body’s natural healing ability. Following the rhythmical flow of the cerebral spinal fluid, the practitioner detects and assists the release of restrictions. Gentle manipulations of the head, sacrum, and other areas of the body can induce deep relaxation, improve chronic conditions, and release emotional holding as the body’s inherent vitality is restored.


25 minutes $65, 50 minutes $95

The underlying principle of the science of reflexology is that reflex areas in the feet correspond to glands, organs and other parts of your body. In this treatment, moderate to firm pressure is applied to these areas, releasing stagnant energies, inducing deep relaxation, and improving the overall performance of your body's systems.