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2017 Women & Power: #DoPowerDifferently


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If ever there’s a time for women across the globe to gather, share ideas, build community, and foster resilience, it is now. The world needs us to be outspoken, inventive, and brave. Over the past decade, women from around the world have gathered at Omega’s Women & Power weekends to be inspired, informed, and motivated to Do Power Differently®.

Power: it’s a charged word. It has come to mean the ability to wage control over others through domination or force. But that’s a worn-out definition that humanity can't afford to live by. So what does it mean to do power differently? That’s what we explored at the 2017 Women & Power Retreat.

We gathered thinkers, artists, activists, and leaders to open our minds to new definitions of power, innovative ways of working and leading, and practical steps for releasing the untapped and critical wisdom of women. Together we asked and explored answers to these questions:

  • How do we develop personal resilience and compassionate yet courageous action in the face of adversity?
  • What steps do women take now to advocate for equality, justice, and healing—not just in our own communities, but everywhere? And not just for women, but for everybody?
  • How do we move beyond our own limitations and biases?
  • How do we use the strengths we have honed, not only in the workplace, but also as sisters, mothers, and caretakers, to upend a worn-out vision of power and leadership?
  • What are some of the most innovative and inspiring changes being made by women in the arts, economics, activism, business, philanthropy, healing, education, and other arenas?

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2017 Women & Power: #DoPowerDifferently

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