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Building a Partnership World

With Riane Eisler.

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Learn to construct a more equitable, sustainable, and less violent world with eminent social systems scientist Riane Eisler.

Watch: Course overview with instructor Riane Eisler.

Author of the classic book The Chalice and The Blade, Riane Eisler inspired a generation to envision an egalitarian society.

Today, in this dynamic self-paced online course, Riane weaves insights from cultural history, gender studies, economics, and neuroscience to show us how we can construct a more equitable, sustainable, and less violent world based on partnership rather than domination.

You discover:

  • The invisible interconnections between gender relations, parent/child relations, and economic relations
  • How masculinity and femininity have been shaped by domination, and how gender holds different meanings in partnership cultures
  • Tools to advocate effectively for the economic policies that support partnership families and communities

With these new concepts and tools, you can step forward confidently as a leader for partnership in your family, workplace, and the world.

5 Course Modules

  1. Changing Our Story: The First Cornerstone - Learn new language, new categories, and new narratives for a partnership world.
  2. A New Look at Gender: The Second Cornerstone - Discover how our gender conditioning affects our brain development and sets the stage for our core beliefs about what is and is not valuable.
  3. Rewriting the Scripts of Childhood: The Third Cornerstone - Get the eight mindsets and habits we can practice to transform our family cultures to cultures of partnership.
  4. Building a Caring Economy: The Fourth Cornerstone - Learn specific ways you can advocate for an economy that supports partnership families by measuring the value of care.
  5. Taking Leadership for a Partnership Future - Make a personal commitment to participation in the partnership movement and identify your next steps.

Module Activities

Each module should take around 1 hour to complete and will follow the same format:

  • Watch - An interactive video lecture with embedded self-reflection questions on the module topic by Riane Eisler.
  • Explore More - Optional curated resources to dig deeper into the module topic.
  • Apply - You will be asked various self-assessment and reflection questions related to the module topic. You will be encouraged to share your answers anonymously.

Estimated Time for Completion
6-8 hours, but you will likely find yourself spending more time as you investigate some of the additional resources that are provided.

Note: You will have access to the course for 18 months, which will begin on the first day you enroll in the workshop.

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Building a Partnership World

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