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Living a Soulful Life

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What would your life look like if your soul were in charge? What would change if you lived a life guided by your soul?

In this Omega Teacher Talk from 2014, Panache Desai, Brian Weiss, and Elizabeth Lesser inspire and energize the audience with answers to these questions and more.

They share personal stories, provide examples of people who have inspired them, and offer practical considerations for leading a life with your soul in charge—all with a heavy dose of lighthearted laughter.

Have a look—you never know where your soul will take you.

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Meet the Teachers

  • Panache Desai, author of Discovering Your Soul Signature, is a  ...
  • Brian Weiss, MD, is chairman emeritus of psychiatry at the Mount Sinai Me ...
  • Elizabeth Lesser, cofounder of the Omega Institute and the Omega Women's ...

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Living a Soulful Life

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