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Narrative Healing

A Guided Hybrid Course

With Lisa Weinert.

Sep 18 – Nov 6, 2023


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Uncover the healing power of your stories, find a path toward your authentic voice through writing, and connect with the world around you with Lisa Weinert.

Lisa Weinert invites you to join her on an online creative journey to uncover the stories that you carry within.

This course is a seven-week hybrid course that begins on September 18, 2023. In addition to the self-paced materials, there are weekly live Zoom sessions on Mondays through November 6. In these live sessions with Lisa Weinert, you have the chance to ask questions and connect with the Narrative Healing community. There is no class on September 25.

Combining somatic practices, creative prompts, and yoga exercises, Lisa Weinert guides you through Narrative Healing’s six-stage cycle of healing through storytelling: Awaken, Listen, Express, Inspire, Connect, and Grow.

The seven modules of the online course include self-paced video content that follow along with Lisa’s book, including guided movement and mindfulness practices and creative writing prompts, which you can complete weekly or at your own pace. The online course also offers lively guest interviews with storytellers and authors, including Crystal McCreary, Carla Zanoni, Shelly Tygielski, Holly Wren Spaulding, and Jillian Pransky and a live Zoom check-in and discussion with Lisa once per week.

Lisa’s work is based on the premise that we hold healing stories in our bodies. But what if we don’t have the tools to understand our narrative outside of what’s been told to us?  What if we don’t have access to our own story due to trauma? Here, Lisa empowers you to identify, understand, and tap into the healing power of your stories.

Incorporating creativity as a core part of the process, Narrative Healing provides writers and non-writers a comforting, accessible yet empowering process to find a path to themselves and find deep connection with the world around them.

The modules cover a range of topics and help you discover:

  • That therapeutic writing programs can have tremendous effects on our physical health, including improved immune function, lower blood pressure, healing from trauma, reduced stress, anxiety, and depression, increased resilience, and more.
  • That simple, mindful movement can help ground us, help us be present, and ultimately spark creativity.
  • How to set up your mind, your body, and your space properly so that you can maintain a consistent writing practice over a period of time, which is the most effective way to set yourself on the path to healing.
  • How you can be a support to your community by sharing your stories. Your stories—especially the ones you have kept hidden—could be the exact medicine that someone else needs. The power of truly listening and tools to become a compassionate listener both to yourself and those around you. In an average conversation, an American adult takes in and comprehends less than 25 percent of what they hear.
  • How you can become a healing force in the world, by integrating your stories, sharing them, and listening to others in your everyday life

The premise here is simple: Our stories have a healing purpose and are meant to be shared.  As we are able to better know our own stories, we are better able to take in the humanity of those around us.

"This groundbreaking program shifts our perspective on healing and enables us to progress toward a path of complete well-being and show up as our best selves. At a time when our culture is deeply divided and suffering from complex trauma, Narrative Healing is a program for connection for everybody."
—Jamia Wilson, best-selling author of Young, Gifted and Black

"Lisa Weinert is a gifted word doula, helping us access healing through the power of storytelling. Narrative Healing is the book we need right now to foster connection and help heal our collective wounds."
—Shelly Tygielski, founder of Pandemic of Love, author of Sit Down to Rise Up

Recommended Reading

Narrative Healing: Awaken the Power of Your Story by Lisa Weinert is available in all formats everywhere books are sold. Click here or go to your favorite retailer or library to get the hardcover, ebook, or audiobook.

Course online

Sep 18 – Nov 6, 2023

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Narrative Healing

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