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In this introductory video to the online course “Shamanic Energy Medicine: The Healing Practice of Tomorrow,” Alberto Villoldo provides an overview of the history of shamanic energy medicine, its principles and practices, and how it complements allopathic medicine.

The ancient art of Shamanic Energy Medicine is based on the understanding that if we create the conditions for health, disease will go away.

In this path breaking, 10-chapter video course, Shamanic Energy Medicine: The Healing Practice of Tomorrow, you will learn Shamanic Energy Medicine practices unavailable until now outside of the Light Body School, explained and demonstrated throughout the 10 chapters of the course:

  • The Luminous Energy Field, and how we can upgrade the quality of our field so that we don’t live out the same stories of our ancestors, but rather, write a new story for ourselves.
  • How shamans can heal the body and the mind, but also prevent illness by clearing the imprints of disease from the energy field.
  • That modern medicine is not sustainable. In addition to bacteria that is resistant to every antibiotic available to us, we are exposed to a huge number of toxins. Shamans discovered 50,000 years ago how to unleash the body’s self-healing mechanisms. This is the medicine of the future.
  • How to overcome the biology you were born with and grow a new body that will live, heal and die differently, allowing your health span will equal your lifespan.
  • That our genes make up only 10 percent of our health—and thus our destiny. The other 90 percent is our ability to dream our health into being. The foods we eat, the beliefs we have can modify our genetic expression—in science this is known as epigenetics.
  • That shamans do not differentiate between being killed by a jaguar and being killed by a microbe. Unless we are in right relationship with both the jaguars and the microbes, they will both be looking at us as lunch.
  • How the ancient shamans learned to escape death—which is inevitable, given enough time—by stepping into timelessness, where death does not live or lurk.
  • That master shamans know how to take their consciousness with them when their body expires.
  • About the little-known 8th chakra that ancients discovered—not in the physical body, but above the head. This radiant ball of pure energy is sometimes depicted as a glow above the Christ and the Buddha.
  • That creation—the great Spirit—made the universe in four ascending levels. The shamans call these levels by the names of the four great power animals: the level of serpent (the body), the level of jaguar (the mind), the level of hummingbird (the soul/sacred), and the level of eagle (the level of the great Spirit/energy). Each level is informed by the next higher level; we can solve any problem we ever encounter by elevating our thinking to the highest level.
  • The four healing interventions practiced in Shamanic Energy Medicine: Illumination, Extraction, Soul Retrieval, and the Great Death Rites.
  • That shamans are connected to an ancient lineage of medicine men and women, and how they work with this ancient lineage throughout a lifetime.
  • Basic information about shamanic energy medicine, as well as a number of practical exercises.

Meet the Teachers

  • Medical anthropologist Alberto Villoldo, PhD, has studied the shamanic healin ...


CHAPTER 1—Shamanism


In this chapter, you will learn the history of shamanism and its ancient wisdom traditions.

Early shamans determined that four powerful forces made up the universe—Serpent, Jaguar (Tiger), Hummingbird and Eagle (Condor). These power animals influenced the shamans’ understanding of the universe, and had special significance in their medicine. When called upon, these forces bring great power and wisdom to bear on any given circumstance.

Exercise: How to call upon the four great power animals, Mother Earth and Father Sky.

CHAPTER 2—The Luminous Energy Field


In this chapter you will learn how to expand and explore your Luminous Energy Field (LEF).

Shamans have understood for countless centuries that we exist in both energy and particle state. Our Luminous Energy Field goes with us from incarnation to incarnation, becoming and integral part of each new body. It surrounds and organizes the body, but it also carries with it the imprints of karma from many generations. These imprints are reflected in physical illness. In treating illness, the shamans of old found that unless they first treated and cleared the energy field, disease would return.

Exercise: How to expand your Wiracocha—a radiant sphere of pure energy above our head, also known as the sacred source.

CHAPTER 3—The Brain(s)


In the West, we believe that the seat of the soul is in the brain. For shamans, what we call the soul is our Luminous Energy Field—the part of us that continues beyond death and into infinity. The brain is the place where the field and the body interact with each other.

We actually have four distinct brains, each on top of the next: The reptilian brain, the mammalian brain (limbic system), the neo cortex, and the prefrontal cortex. Each of these brains control different functions—from respiration, to fear, to creativity.

In this chapter you will learn the strengths and weaknesses of the different brains, how they react to different foods, and how we can transcend their traits.

Exercise: How to reselect your genetic destiny by returning to the moment of conception.

CHAPTER 4—The Chakras


Chakras are universal—everyone has them. They are created at the intersection of endocrine glands and nerve plexuses in the body. The combination of hormones and bundles of nerves create swirling motions in the energy field, which shamans can see directly. Each chakra is associated with a different physical system, and also with different psychological systems.

There are 7 chakras in the body, and two outside of the body. The 8th chakra (known as the Wiracocha) is located above the head, outside of the physical body, but inside the energy field. This is our soul, the place where Spirit resides within us. The 9th chakra, located outside the energy field, is common to every human being. This is universal Spirit, where we connect with everyone, everywhere. This chakra is also called halo, aura or corona.

In this chapter you will learn how to work with the 2nd and 4th chakras to reset the Fight-or-Flight system.

Demonstration: How to reset the fight-or-flight system.

CHAPTER 5—The Illumination Process


The Illumination Process is the core healing process of shamanic energy medicine. It erases the imprint of disease from the Luminous Energy Field and upgrades the quality of the field to create health.

During the Illumination process, the shaman cleans out toxic energy and other blockages from troublesome chakras. The key is finding the right chakra to address the trouble—that requires very careful tracking, and can take a lot of practice. 

When you practice the Illumination Process, be very clear about what you want to achieve. It’s important to remember that shamans do not treat disease. Shamans upgrade the quality of the field, so the field can create health where it is most needed.

Demonstration: How to perform the Illumination Process. (Watch this demo carefully before you practice it, and when you do attempt it, do so with great care, ethics, and integrity.)

CHAPTER 6—The Extraction Process  


Not all the energies that we experience within us belong to us. Intrusive energies—psychic and energetic—can invade our field and become embedded in our body, and must be extracted. When they are very old they crystalize, and the shaman may see them as arrows, spears daggers or swords. More recent intrusive energies are fluid, and remain in the field. These are more challenging to remove.

Our field can also be invaded by entities—often a loved one who died without closure. These entities are caught between the worlds and they are not conscious. Generally, they don’t mean us harm, although they can cause problem simply by being there. When a shaman detects such an entity she coaxes it out and sends it back home to the spirit world.

In this chapter you will learn the importance of dying consciously, with full closure and death rites.

Demonstration: How to extract an intrusive energy.

CHAPTER 7—Shamanic Protections


Throughout history, shamans have found it necessary to protect themselves for a variety of reason. One way to do this is weaving bands of protection into their Luminous Energy Field. These bands reflect the threat or danger and bounce it back towards the source. There are five bands of different colors—black, red, golden, silver, and white—that are wound from the first chakra up to the seventh.

Another form of protection is through healing. Shamans walk in protection by eliminating everything but peace from within. They clean up their unconscious through practices of illumination and love. The process of ultimate protection is by banishing fear from their life.

Demonstration: How to weave the bands of protection and expand them to form an impenetrable shield around you..

CHAPTER 8—Rites of Initiation


Shamanic traditions are connected to a lineage of medicine men and women that go back to the beginning of time. Through the Rites of Initiation, we connect with this lineage back to the very source of shamanism, but also to shamans of the future, who reach back in order to assist us.

There are many levels of Shamanic Initiation. In this chapter you will receive the first two levels. The first one awakens your own healing power and abilities, and launches you on a journey of healing yourself and the world around you. The second Initiation connects you to the lineage of Earthkeepers—men and women dedicated to the stewardship of the Earth.

Exercise: Receive the Rite of Pompa Mesayok and the Earthkeeper Rites

CHAPTER 9—The Shaman’s Journey Beyond Death


Shaman know that life does not end when the physical body ceases to exist; that death is simply a doorway. When shamans set out to draw maps of the world beyond death, they discovered five worlds of the Upper Realm that we all travel through after death.

Starting with the first, they are the world of the stone people, the world of the plant people, the world of the spirit animals, the world of our ancestors, and the world of our becoming. Shamans journey to these worlds to find items that they need in their healing rituals.

Exercise: Travel through the five realms of the upper world.

CHAPTER 10—The Forgotten Death Rites


Most people are born naturally and die naturally, but 10 percent of all births require the assistance of a doctor or midwife, just as 10 percent of people who do not die naturally or consciously need help. The death rites used to be known by every tradition, but they have been forgotten. For shamans, these rites are just as important as welcoming a child into a physical body.

The three critical steps of the death rites are: life review, the practice of forgiveness, and permission to die. After that, the chakras need to be disengaged and the luminous body set free.

We will all lose a loved one, so it is important to learn the death rites. It is a privilege and a gift—in fact the greatest gift—to perform the death rites. It brings comfort, peace and closure to the dying and the family.

Demonstration: How to perform the great death rites

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