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Scholarships & Fundraising Information

The Omega Center for Sustainable Living (OCSL) has worked with Dave Jacke and his teaching team to make this course as affordible as possible. We have included tiered pricing so that particpants can choose from a sliding scale price when they register.  Anyone who can afford to pay the higher end of the tiered pricing will help us cover program costs and make the course more accessible for those who require financial support.

We are also offering a 35% discount on Omega's camping & meals package for participants who attend this educator training.  This comes to $61.10/day ($549.90 total for this 9-day course), and includes camping, 3 meals/day, and access to all of Omega's campus facilities and daily open classes & offerings.

If you require further support in order to attend, please submit a Scholarship Application and we will follow up to discuss options with you.  We will also need your program application to process your request. If you are a scholarship applicant and are not able to take the course in the end, you can inquire about a refund on your $50 application fee. Contact Laura Weiland with any questions about scholarships.

In addition to any partial scholarship assistance that we may be able to provide, the program faculty recommend that all course participants consider the possibility of starting a Community Supported Educator (CSE) ProgramThis would serve a dual purpose of both helping to finance your participation in Designing Educational Ecosystems, and to create a teaching opportunity for yourself that ensures practice of what you've learned soon after the course.

Please find the following resources to support your development of a CSE offering:

  • Download a one-page template flyer describing the CSE agreement to potential subscribers. You can modify and use this file, or use it as an example and design your own.  Fill in details about your workshop offering at the bottom, or create separate flyers for your CSE offering(s).
  • Several one-page workshop flyers (combined into one PDF) that you can use as samples to help create your own workshop flyer.
  • program flyer about this 9-Day permaculture educator training course you can use to show potential subscribers what they will be supporting you to participate in. 
  • Download an excel budget template for a short workshop. Click through the different tabs to see the entire spreadsheet.