Omega R&R Retreats

R&R Activities

Omega R&R Retreats include plenty of activities designed to help you relax, reflect, have fun, stretch your body, and quiet your mind. You choose how to spend your day, creating a retreat that is uniquely your own, with:

  • Daily Open Classes: Stretch your body and quiet your mind with classes in yoga, tai chi, movement, and meditation.
  • Evenings at Omega: Attend a film, concert, reading, community gathering, or sample workshop.
  • Ram Dass Library: Select a book from our collection of more than 7,000 volumes on holistic living and enjoy the artwork of local artists on the gallery walls.
  • Sanctuary: Meditate, contemplate, and savor the sacred space.
  • Tennis & Basketball: Join a game or shoot some hoops.
  • Omega Art-Bags: Express yourself with a range of art supplies available at Guest Services wherever you feel inspired to create.
  • Trails & Garden: Explore the wooded trails, sit and read in the Omega Garden, or simply relax in a hammock and get the rest you need.

Please note: For the safety of our participants, staff, and guests, Omega, in conjunction with the Health Department, has closed Omega's lake for the season due to a blue-green algae bloom. Blue-green algae are organisms that occur naturally in lakes, streams and oceans. Under certain conditions they can form dense blooms that discolor the water. Exposure to any blue-green algae can cause health effects in people when water with dense blooms is contacted or swallowed. Due to this potential health issue, wading, swimming, and boating will not be allowed.

Join Us at the Omega Café

Enjoy a complimentary coffee or tea at the Omega Café from 3:00-4:00 p.m. each day of your Omega R&R Retreat.

At the Omega Café, a center for community and connection, you can have lively conversations with new friends, or relax outside on the deck to enjoy the natural beauty of our campus.


Enjoy a Visit to the Omega Wellness Center

You can also enhance your getaway with a visit to the Omega Wellness Center. From acupuncture to life coaching, and shamanic healing to massage, we have more than 45 services to choose from. Open daily from 9:00 a.m.-9:30 p.m. (Fridays: Noon-9:30 p.m.).


Make Your R&R Retreat Unique

Omega Rest & Rejuvenation Retreats are a great way to relax and renew your soul. You choose how to spend your day—take an exclusive R&R class, unwind with yoga, tai chi, movement, or meditation, and connect with yourself, others, and nature. Sign up for some R&R today.