Nonprofits are increasingly unable to find adequate resources to respond to the growing needs of society’s most vulnerable populations. Omega is committed to serving those who serve others through our annual Service Week grant program.

Each spring, we award grants to nonprofit organizations—small and large, local and global—to come to our campus for working retreats that support and strengthen each organization’s ability to serve the community.

In 2011, the Reciprocity Foundation was one of the grant recipients. An organization dedicated to helping youth overcome homelessness, isolation, trauma, and hopelessness, Reciprocity brought 5 young men and women to Omega for a 3-day retreat in order to shift their belief in what was possible. This moving video was their way of saying thanks.

Omega Service Week grants are by invitation only and include accommodations, meals, a private meeting space, use of our facilities, and one hour of free managerial consultation with our Service Week partner, the New York Council of Nonprofits. In 2012, more than 20 nonprofit organizations with a focus on either working with young women and girls, or providing safety-net services in the Hudson Valley are expected to participate in Service Week.

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