Get the most out of your experience while you’re staying on campus. Here are some must-see places and ways to play and explore.


Sanctuary & Yearning Pond


7:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. (check kiosks for availability)

Group Meditation Hours*

7:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m.
5:30 p.m.-6:15 p.m. (except Friday and Sunday)

Perched on a hill and surrounded by trees, the Sanctuary is the spiritual heart of Omega's Rhinebeck campus. A space of beauty and tranquility, it is open for meditation, reflection, prayer, or quiet contemplation. 

You can access the Sanctuary by stepping through the archway next to the Juniper classroom and taking the stone stairway. Along the way, you’ll pass the Yearning Pond, curving stone walls, ever-changing cairns, and more. For a longer but less steep route to the Sanctuary, take the walking path past the Omega Wellness Center, and turn left onto the trail to the Sanctuary.

*We ask that you please observe silence in and around the Sanctuary, and remove your shoes before entering. Workshops are sometimes scheduled in the Sanctuary, which may result in limited open hours; please check the information kiosks for the current schedule.


Omega’s gardens offer an appealing dash of color all season long. Inhale the rich scents of herbs, vegetables, and flowers in our popular Omega Garden. Sit, contemplate, and listen to the sounds of nature in the Meditation Garden. 

Some of Omega's gardens are practical as well as beautiful. Meals at the Omega Café are often seasoned with herbs from the Omega Garden and flowers from the Omega Garden are found in colorful arrangements throughout campus buildings.



Spend time in nature on our 250-acre campus, stretch your legs, and leave your worries behind. Whatever your fitness level, Omega has a trail for you. See our trail guide below.

Questions? Visit Guest Services.


Ram Dass Library


9:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. daily

Ram Dass, author of Be Here Now, has been a trusted guide to Omega and thousands of spiritual seekers worldwide for more than four decades. In honor of his transformative work, the Ram Dass Library's eight petal lotus blossom design symbolizes the unfolding of divine energy.

Step inside and browse more than 7,000 books on holistic living. Read quietly in a window seat, listen to an audiobook, or study the work of a favorite teacher.

With so many titles to choose from, Omega's Ram Dass Library provides inspiration and lifelong learning opportunities for everyone. 

Basketball & Tennis

Join a basketball game outside the Dining Hall. Bring your racquet and play a game of tennis, or brush up on your skills at our practice wall. Don't have a racquet? We have plenty that you can borrow.



Fixed on top of a grassy hill overlooking Main Field, the Labyrinth was created as a meditative space to walk and explore. Spend time reflecting and following the winding path to find your center.

Long Pond Lake

For the safety of our participants, staff, and guests, Omega, in conjunction with the Health Department, has closed Omega's lake for the season due to a blue-green algae bloom.  Blue-green algae are organisms that occur naturally in lakes, streams and oceans. Under certain conditions they can form dense blooms that discolor the water.  Exposure to any blue-green algae can cause health effects in people when water with dense blooms is contacted or swallowed. Due to this potential health issue, wading, swimming, and boating will not be allowed.



As part of Omega's commitment to deliver a high quality guest experience, our sauna has closed. It will reopen in the future as part of a fully renovated Wellness Center, supported by our multi-year capital campaign.