Holistic Education Programs

One of the great benefits of being at Omega is the opportunity to experience the multidimensional programs that are designed for Core Staff, Seasonal Staff, and Seasonal Service Corps Members. Omega offers a diverse selection of classes, gatherings, and special events designed to provide the opportunity to learn new skills, find inspiration and meaning, and build a sense of community. Most of these classes are open to all Core Staff, Seasonal Staff, and Seasonal Service Corps Members, although some may need special permission.

Holistic Education Programs

Holistic Studies Classes (HSCs) are self-contained class experiences that do not require enrollment or long-term commitment. An integral part of the Omega seasonal experience, HSCs run from one to three hours. Professional teachers provide a consistent selection of offerings in yoga, tai chi, meditation, writing, dance, and art, as well as more eclectic topics.

Strategies for Conscious Living classes (SCLs) are highly focused, day-and-a-half intensives that often contain the spark necessary to facilitate a significant shift in personal growth or life path. For this reason, preregistration and commitment to the schedule of the class is required. Subject matter for SCL classes may encompass a wide range of material, from the practical to the esoteric, and often involve a fusion of both. Topics might include: self-responsibility, communication, play, wellness, community, work, body movement, spirituality, creativity, or sustainability.

Life Skills Workshops (LSWs) are focused workshops that develop skills to enhance your life or deepen your understanding of a particular topic. LSWs require a long-term commitment (at least four weeks, meeting twice per week) and are progressive in nature. Preregistration (pre-approved by department managers) and regular attendance is required. Each season, LSW classes might include: leadership development, community building, life coaching, communication skills training, or health and nutrition.

Full Season Guilds (FSGs) are for seasonal staff who will be working at Omega for the entire season and are willing to focus a significant amount of time and energy toward developing particular skills. Entrance into a FSGs requires the approval of department managers, as well as auditions or an application process. These FSGs actively engage staff in developing life skills, while also giving back to the community and the world in which we live. Ongoing classes meet for a 3-hour session, once a week. FSG topics might include arts, leadership, health and fitness, peace, and Reiki training.

Special Events

Year-round and seasonal community members are invited to attend special Omega events, including community dances, talent shows, arts and crafts fairs, and Sanctuary Hour, where we gather as a community to hear special guests share wisdom about their own life experience. Speakers have included Seane Corn, Julia Butterfly Hill, Alex and Allyson Grey, Alan Arkin, Elizabeth Lesser, and Stephan Rechtschaffen.

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