Service at Omega

Each year, we welcome Seasonal Staff and Seasonal Service Corps Members to help support Omega’s Rhinebeck, New York campus programs. Omega determines the best role for each individual, based on departmental needs and your experience and interests. A requirement for all positions is the desire to be of help to others, coupled with a friendly, relational approach to your interactions. It is also essential that applicants see themselves as lifelong learners, committed to participation in the foundational Holistic Education Program that serves as the core for community life on campus.

While every Seasonal Community Member is assigned to a specific department, at times individuals are asked to assist other departments when needed. All seasonal roles at Omega require flexibility and a commitment to service.

We do our best to fulfill preferences and match skilled individuals within our departments. Although the needs of every department can change from time to time, based on applicants and circumstances, below are descriptions of departments with opportunities for service work.

Omega Departments

The FoodWorks Team (Kitchen and Dining Hall) works together to run a full-scale food production operation.

The Housekeeping Team cleans participant accommodations and all public bathrooms on campus.

The Café Team serves snacks, drinks, sweets, and a limited menu.

The Production Team is responsible for the set-up and breakdown of every class, event, and workshop.

The Audio/Visual Production Team provides audio and video production for workshops, conferences, and evening events.

The Wellness Center Team provides a welcoming and relaxing environment for guests to enjoy services that supplement their workshop programs.

The Children’s Program Team creates fun and meaningful experiences for the children (ages 4–12 years) of workshop participants and guests.

The First Aid Team serves the Omega community, providing basic first aid intervention and emergency response.

The Lifeguard Team maintains a safe environment for all who use the Long Pond Lake beach.

The Maintenance Team handles most of the minor plumbing and mechanical needs of the campus, as well as maintenance of buildings and vehicles.

The Float Team supports all the departments at Omega that are short-staffed or in need of additional hands, particularly Omega FoodWorks, Housekeeping, Campus Support, and the Omega Café.

The Campus Support Team manages the arrivals and departures of participants and guests, welcoming and helping people with their luggage.

The Omega Store Team sells books, CDs, DVDs, jewelry, clothing, and yoga and meditation supplies.

The Guest Services Team handles participant accommodations, directions, travel questions, special needs, first aid support, and phone messages.

The People and Culture Team helps create and support community life at Omega.

The Omega Digital Team provides video production for workshops, conferences, and the Omega website.

The Omega Center for Sustainable Living (OCSL) Team develops strategies for Omega’s campus as we strive to include more sustainable practices around purchasing, energy use, recycling, composting, and zero waste. OCSL staff are responsible for tours of Omega’s Eco Machine and a number of programs for participants and the seasonal community relating to sustainable living and regenerative design.

The Garden Team is part of the OCSL and maintains the Omega Garden and all flower beds and potted plants throughout campus.

The Reception Team greets, orients, and checks in all arriving participants.


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In addition, we offer a number of Seasonal Staff Specialty Jobs.