Becoming a Global Resource for Personal and Social Change

Omega has served as a gathering place for great thinkers, creative talent, and social visionaries for more than four decades. A diverse cross-section of people from different backgrounds, ages, and regions turn to Omega for direction in matters of personal health, professional development, spiritual exploration, and thought leadership.

To better serve the needs of our growing community, we are working to develop a robust digital platform that will enable us to leverage on-campus educational programming and offer new content, broadening our reach while deepening our offerings. Additionally, the digital platform will serve to align a global community of change makers and maximize impact by providing tools to blend mindfulness and holistic practices with work in activism.

Omega is also grateful for philanthropic investments in campus improvements that enhance our 200-acre residential Rhinebeck campus making it a model of environmental sustainability. By representing the possibilities of sustainable living, Omega hopes to take these practices further into the mainstream, addressing pressing issues such as climate change, ecological literacy, regenerative agriculture, water stewardship, and deepening sustainability in schools. Our hope is for the physical campus to serve as an oasis that further heals the disconnect between humanity and the natural world in which we live.

We invite you to help shape the future of Omega.