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Most of the people who come to my lectures want to see me make contact with the consciousness of those who no longer inhabit this physical dimension, but I always give them a healthy dose of what really matters: the truth that there is no "death...

Mindfulness has entered the mainstream. Hear from three leading mindfulness teachers and researchers who are helping to bring this revolution to schools and other unexpected places, like the military and prisons.

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The translator was laughing so hard he could not speak. He seemed to have heard the funniest thing in his life. We were all waiting for the English version of what Ogyen Trinley Dorje, the Tibetan Buddhist leader known as the 17th Karmapa, had...

Author and shamanic healer Llyn Roberts talks about how receptivity can help us access answers, possibilities, and our creative potential.

Richard Leider, a top executive coach, shares the story of his precious last moments with his mother and what it taught him about meaning and purpose.

Top executive coach Richard Leider describes the 3 stages of finding your purpose: uncovering, discovering, and rediscovering.


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