Body Mind & Spirit

Author and shamanic healer Llyn Cedar Roberts talks about how receptivity can help us access answers, possibilities, and our creative potential.

Richard Leider, a top executive coach, shares the story of his precious last moments with his mother and what it taught him about meaning and purpose.

Top executive coach Richard Leider describes the 3 stages of finding your purpose: uncovering, discovering, and rediscovering.

Modern day shaman Llyn Cedar Roberts suggests ways you can learn to better communicate with nature.

Shamanic practitioner Llyn Cedar Roberts explains the practice of shapeshifting and how it can promote healing on individual and community levels.

Writing is a practice that requires both focus and imagination. Writers must paint details on the page that translate abstract ideas from their mind into readable stories and content.

Poet Robert Bly once said, “If we want to create art...


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