Leadership & Work

Oscar Award-winning actress and social change activist, Jane Fonda, talks about the history of patriarchy and the future of feminism around the world.

Marcia Ann Gillespie, author, editor, and activist, explains why giving ourselves permission to say what we really think, with intelligence and wisdom, is a crucial contribution to our society and culture.

Bonnie St. John, Paralympic gold medalist, best-selling author, and leadership consultant, describes how she and her daughter set out on a journey to explore styles of women's leadership.

Loung Ung, author, lecturer, and activist promoting equality and human rights describes how she keeps putting her voice forward, in spite of doubts and setbacks when following her passion to speak for change.

Alice Walker, the author, poet, and activist, describes a lifelong and determined journey of seeing, born from a fear of blindness in early childhood.

Hear the story of a feud involving at-risk teens, stolen bikes, and a pair of bolt cutters. Holistic Life Foundation cofounder Atman Smith provides a real life example of how minfulness can be a useful tool for conflict resolution.


Alice Walker, the author, poet, and activist, reads a poem encouraging women to claim their places in the leadership of the world and "to lead humanity to health, happiness, and sanity."  


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