Omega: Your work has been funded by the National Institute of Mental Health and the Canadian Institutes for Health Research. What have you learned in working with and training professionals in the mental health world?


In 2006, social entrepreneur Van Jones was working at the local level on fundraising for children's initiatives. Three years later he was overseeing a budget of $80 billion as a member of the Obama White House. How did he get there? Watch to...

Psychologist Lubna Somjee opened the second annual Concrete Ceiling: Challenges Women of Color Face in the Workplace event to a packed room by saying, “If we sit together every day and we discuss this issue every day and we sit with our...

Loung Ung, author, lecturer, and activist promoting equality and human rights, describes the choice we each have to make for peace and how to acknowledge the best in humanity, especially in the aftermath of trauma.

Isabel Allende, acclaimed novelist and lifelong human rights advocate, talks about the turning of anger and grief into creative healing as an artist and mother.

Writer, activist, and feminist leader, Gloria Steinem, reminds us that our differences are a source of learning and our commonalities are a shared strength.

Joan Halifax Roshi, Zen Buddhist priest, author, and founder of the Ojai Foundation and Upaya Zen Center, describes the three "transparencies" of socially engaged, full-hearted Buddhism.

Tara Brach, meditation teacher and author of Radical Acceptance and True Refuge, describes the process of moving through pain and fear into unconditional love and acceptance.

Sister Joan Chittister, the iconic spiritual feminist and activist, asks us to consider spirituality as a call to action in our culture.