Betty Williams, co-recipient of the 1976 Nobel Peace Prize for her work in Ireland and head of the Global Children's Foundation, describes how she chose to work for peace and persevere against all odds.

Omega: What advice do you have for people who are nervous about public speaking?

Barbara: Fear of public speaking is the number one fear that people, both men and women, in the U.S have. It's higher on...

Halla Tomasdottir, entrepreneur and business leader, describes how she and a partner successfully reshaped Iceland's financial sector to reflect feminine values during the historic upheaval of 2008.

Gloria Steinem, writer, activist, and women’s rights movement leader, reminds us that the work done in the home has to be counted as productive labor in our economy.

Riane Eisler, an eminent social scientist and activist, attorney, and author, explains why it's crucial to count life-sustaining labor as productive work in the economics of society.

A national voice on economics, Mellody Hobson is President of Ariel Investments and Chair of the Board of Directors of DreamWorks Animation. Here she tells a story about Ram Dass, freedom, and the wealth that allows spiritual transformation.

Elizabeth Lesser, cofounder of Omega Institute and the Omega Women's Leadership Center (OWLC), encourages us to engage in mindful conversation in order to find common ground & shared humanity.

Gloria Steinem, writer, activist, and women’s rights movement leader, explains how race is a divisive social construct and reminds us of our shared evolution and humanity.

Activist, youth educator and cofounder of A Call to Men, Tony Porter describes the fears that hold men back and expresses his optimism for a future of equity and social justice.