This Grammy Award-winning artist uses music as a way to convey her personal message. Here Ani DiFranco explains why we need to encourage feminism in this generation and how it can save the world.

Majora Carter, eco-enterpreneur, urban revitilization strategist, and Peabody Award-winning broadcaster, asks us to think bigger about our environment, our future, and what is not only necessary, but possible.

Sister Joan Chittister, one of the most articulate religious leaders of our time, explains the need for the redemption of religious institutions, and why she chose to advocate for women's equality and unity from within the Catholic church. 

Isabel Allende, acclaimed novelist and lifelong human rights advocate, explains how the world can generate “mamisma," a critical mass of fierce abundant female energy.

Elizabeth Lesser, author and cofounder of Omega Institute and the OWLC, defines her understanding of leadership and asks us to risk being uncomfortable in taking a stand and deciding what matters.

Shirley Velasquez, director of content at Latina Media Ventures, describes the challenges of naming cultural appropriation.

Pat Mitchell, media executive, journalist, and activist, describes how the agenda changes when women lead and why nothing advances society more quickly than the power of women.

Elizabeth Lesser, cofounder of Omega Institute and the Omega Women’s Leadership Center (OWLC), makes a case for a society that incorporates the full range of human intelligences, with a focus on the benefits of emotional and spiritual...