Trapeze—Learn to Fly!

Experience the extraordinary exhilaration of flying on the trapeze while exploring the deeper nature of how you confront life and create your own reality.

Trapeze lessons are available with the Trapeze-Experience™ Team May 29-June 28, 2020. For beginner trapeze students, safety lines are used at all times. Each 2-hour session is $90 for adults and $75 for children (ages 6–17). To register, call 800.954.0082.

Download and review this information packet containing:

  • Pre-flying checklist, for participating on the flying trapeze (includes what to wear/things to bring)
  • Flying Trapeze Physical Capability and Suggested Conditioning Notice
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Note: the information packet is intended for those attending the 5-Day or 2-Day flying trapeze programs, but is a helpful reference to those interested in a 2-hour session.

Review the Trapeze Agreement Forms. The forms MUST be completed and signed before anyone can participate. Signatures on identical waivers will be required prior to sessions.