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Blue Spirit Costa Rica shares Omega's commitment to sustainability. It was built and is operated using the greenest possible practices available in Costa Rica in order to preserve the natural, breathtaking beauty of the area and the health of everyone working at and visiting Blue Spirit.

Cooling & Ventilation

  • Buildings are designed for maximum natural ventilation
  • Air conditioning units are the most eco-friendly available
  • Carbon offsets are purchased for air conditioning use
  • Refrigeration is built into a hillside to facilitate cooling


  • Water is heated by solar power
  • Shower and sink water is redirected into toilets
  • Bathrooms have no-flush urinals
  • Reclaimed water is used to irrigate gardens

Cleaning Practices & Products

  • Earth-friendly cleaning products are used throughout the facility
  • We encourage reduced frequency of washing linens

Recycling & Composting

  • Garden waste is composted
  • Paper, plastic, glass, aluminum, and tin are recycled

Design & Construction

  • Small building footprints disturb as small an area as possible
  • Local FSC certified wood is used throughout buildings
  • Clay roof tiles are regional and long-lasting
  • Low VOC paint, not presently available in Costa Rica, is being tested at Blue Spirit Retreat