Winter Learning Vacations

Dive into a unique learning vacation experience at Blue Spirit Costa Rica, Omega's winter home, where there is something for everyone. Enjoy classes with some of Omega’s top teachers in one of the most beautiful natural settings—a lush jungle on the edge of a sandy Pacific Ocean beach. Learn, relax, and be inspired!

With an Omega learning vacation, you get the best of both worlds—time to spend in workshops with world-class teachers, and time to rest and explore. Begin your day with a yoga or movement class, a walk on the beach, a swim in the ocean, or a dip in the infinity pool. During your free time, you can roam the pristine beaches, swim or surf the world-class waves, meet new friends in the café, or relax with a massage.

At Omega Costa Rica, you can enjoy a sampler week with several teachers during weeks 1 to 4, or go more in-depth with a weeklong immersion experience during weeks 5 and 6. Workshops meet before and after lunch.

Sampler Weeks
During Weeks 1 to 4, workshops meet each day (except Wednesday) in the morning and afternoon. Sample from a variety of programs with Omega’s acclaimed teachers, choosing a new workshop each day, if you like. Or, abandon your schedule, head to the beach, and create your own experience.

In-Depth Programs
In Week 5, you have the opportunity to study in-depth with an intensive program in mindfulness or qigong practice. In Week 6, immerse yourself in an in-depth program to explore energy medicine.

Special Discounts

  • Save $100 when you register on or before November 3, 2017.
  • Extend your stay: Save $200 when you book an additional week of Omega Costa Rica at Blue Spirit. To take advantage of this discount, please call Omega at 877.944.2002 to register.

Did You Know...?
January and February are perfect for a Costa Rica getaway. The dry season has just begun and the weather is ideal. Typically, high temperatures are in the mid-80s and evening temperatures never go below 70°.