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Dining at Omega

Meal time at Omega is a community event. Our Dining Hall is a place to join new friends, talk about the day's events, and share your unique experiences.

Join a table in our Dining Hall or take a seat on the porch outside. At our communal tables, you'll taste the bounty of the Hudson Valley in three delicious, mostly vegetarian meals a day. Omega FoodWorks operates the Dining Hall and prepares all meals using local and organic ingredients as often as possible. Much of our food is supplied by farmers right here in the Hudson Valley. You're sure to taste the freshness in every bite.

Many people ask us why we serve mostly vegetarian food in our Dining Hall. The answer is simple. A primarily vegetarian diet fulfills one of Omega's core values—sustainability. It consumes less resources and leaves a smaller carbon footprint than a heavily meat-based diet. If you've never eaten a vegetarian meal, we encourage you to try it. You'll be surprised by how hearty and flavorful vegetarian food can be, and how good you'll feel eating it.

To further our commitment to sustainability, Omega donates food leftovers locally to The Lunch Box in Poughkeepsie, New York, and composts food scraps at MacEnroe Organic Farm in Millerton, New York.


What People are Saying About Dining at Omega

"I had never eaten a vegetarian meal before and I expected to go home hungry. Quite the opposite happened. I enjoyed all the food offered in the Dining Hall and have been eating a vegetarian diet ever since!"

"The meals were wonderful and varied. The emphasis on local and organic is to be commended."

"The Dining Hall was our second classroom, where we processed the day's events."

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