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For all Footwork services, please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.


$50/25 minutes
$80/50 minutes
In a world where our feet are often in shoes that restrict circulation, and much of what we do includes standing, running, and walking, it's time to honor our feet and thank them for all the support they give us. Footloose focuses on the sore muscles of the feet and calves, bringing blood and circulation back into these areas using kneading massage techniques and gentle stretching. This Omega Wellness Center service is certain to leave you feeling footloose and fancy free!

Happy Feet

$100/50 minutes
This spectacular foot treatment includes an exfoliating foot scrub and a deeply hydrating and thoroughly relaxing foot reflexology treatment using a hydrating blend of shea butter and essential oils. Your feet are then wrapped in warming mitts, creating a cocoon of comfort. As you relax deeper into the experience, you receive a heavenly scalp and hand massage.


$65/25 minutes
$95/50 minutes
$140/80 minutes
The underlying principle of the science of reflexology is that reflex areas in the feet correspond to glands, organs and other parts of your body. In this treatment, moderate to firm pressure is applied to these areas, releasing stagnant energies, inducing deep relaxation, and improving the overall performance of your body's systems.

What People are Saying About Footwork at the Omega Wellness Center

"The Happy Feet treatment was the best!"

"The reflexology treatment was great and relaxing."