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"I treated my mother to a variety of services at the Omega Wellness Center. After having been to many spas during her life, she said that the wellness services were absolutely wonderful, unique, and something she had never experienced before. Oh, and the providers were top notch!"

"With all of the traveling and spa-ing I have done, I have to say...the Omega Wellness Center has wonderful skilled professionals who do excellent holistic work. Thank you."

"The Omega Wellness Center is a wonderful resource and an essential component of my Omega stay."

"I hesitated to make a reservation at the Omega Wellness Center before coming to Omega because I wasn't sure that I would have time. When I arrived on Friday afternoon, I checked with the Wellness Center. To my surprise, they were able to give me a massage appointment within an hour. It was a lovely massage and it was the perfect way to start my weekend."

"I appreciated the Omega Wellness Center reservationist's help in accommodating the service I wanted with my Omega workshop schedule."

"The Omega Wellness Center treatments were excellent. Next time, I will book more services throughout my visit."

"My experience at the Omega Wellness Center was incredible. When I return to Omega, I plan to also return to the Wellness Center."