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Special Services

Ask our wellness receptionists about one of these Wellness Center Special Services (subject to availability):

Divine Mother Healings
A Divine Mother healing is a clairvoyant reading and balancing of your energy body. Your soul’s energy helps untangle and release old emotional blueprints which no longer serve you so that you can emerge into your true and authentic nature. The healing will include a chakra scan, and activations of the healed mother and healed father for alchemical birthing of the healed child in each chakra. Your healing could include sound, color, and the elements, depending on the channeling from your soul.
80 minutes $140

Reconnective Healing
A more comprehensive spectrum of energy, Reconnective Healing expands beyond any and all known forms of “energy healing” allowing for healings on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) while transferring “light and information” from the Source to flow through to your very Being and Essence, as it heightens your Awareness and Shifts your Consciousness on an evolutionary scale, healing yourself, healing others and healing the planet. Please avoid all fragrances before session
50 minutes $85

During a Trager® session, the practitioner uses gentle stretching, rocking, pulsing, shimmering movements as you lie clothed on a massage table.  These pleasurable movements soften tissue restrictions and release underlying holding patterns.  The deep and lasting benefit of a Trager session comes from reaching the tension at its source level in the unconscious mind.  A new more positive feeling experience is instilled into the body/mind, and we learn to restore our ability to move with greater ease in our lives.
50 minutes $95 / 80 minutes $145

Used by multiple athletes in the 2016 Olympics, cupping is administered with specially designed silicone cups and applied over oiled skin.  Cups remain in place for several minutes and are also used in running strokes to help lift and mobilize fascia and free toxin deposits.  Harmless bruising is almost always a side effect and indicates freed stagnate blood products and toxins.
25 minutes $65

Crystal Consultation & Bodywork
As you lie comfortably, fully clothed, an intuitively selected selection of lovely crystals, gems and minerals are gently placed upon and around the energy centers of your body that are calling for their interaction. As they are integrating with all of the levels of your physical and energetic body, your energy centers are being cleansed, balanced and aligned to a higher level of wellness and well being.
25 minutes $60 / 50 minutes $100 / 80 minutes $130

Vibrational Sound Healing Session
Through the use of Tibetan & Himalayan singing bowls, Gong and other sound tools, Justin Ram Dass Logan creates a space where you can let yourself unwind and be open to receive healing vibrational energy.  Once resonating fully in this bath of ancient, healing harmonic frequencies and vibrational sounds, our cells function optimally, the brain functions with full intuitive power, and we can feel the happiness of inner peace.
25 minutes $65 

Neurokinetic Therapy®
Neurokinetic Therapy® is a sophisticated form of manual therapy that combines motor control theory and manual muscle testing.  By assessing movement functionality at its root source in the brain, NKT®detects and corrects compensation patterns throughout the body.  It is an extraordinarily powerful and comprehensive treatment protocol designed to resolve pain and dysfunction.
50 minutes $110