Omega Women's Leadership Center

Women Serving Women Summit

The Women Serving Women Summit is a retreat grant program that provides support to the nonprofit organizations working to positively impact the lives of women through a two-day, two-night self-led retreat on Omega's Rhinebeck campus in the Hudson Valley. Together, the Women Serving Women Summit and the Strengthening Communities Summit make up Omega's Nonprofit Retreat Week.

Participants of WSWS are organizations directly connected with the cohort members of our Juno Leadership Collective The Juno Leadership Collective, now in its first year, is a year-long immersive training program at the OWLC for women leaders in nonprofit organizations working on issues including equality, justice, sustainability, violence, and economic empowerment.

Teams come to work, rest, and return to their efforts replenished and invigorated. Organizations use their retreat time to develop strategies, cultivate leadership, deepen connections, and identify solutions.

Juno Residency: In 2021, due to our shortened season and operational modifications in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our residency slots are very limited and have already been filled. We invite you to check back with us in January 2022. Find more information about Nonprofit Retreat Week here.