workshop Rhinebeck, NY

13th Annual Mindfulness & Education Conference

Cultivating Healing & Well-Being for Teachers K-12


Jul 15–17, 2022


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Mindfulness & Education Conference

Join the mindfulness in education community to be inspired and lift each other up on our journey towards well-being for teachers K-12.

Learn how Transformative Educational Leadership (TEL) serves as a compassionate learning community centered on the integration of leadership, equity, social and emotional learning, and mindfulness in service of systems change.

The practices of mindfulness, contemplative education, and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) are being widely explored in schools throughout the United States and other countries. The 13th Annual Mindfulness & Education Conference focuses on cultivating healing and well-being for teachers in grades K-12. Join us to practice and embody the type of learning community that cultivates healing, renewal, and the inner resources necessary so we can flourish in these complex and challenging times.

This gathering is held in partnership with Transformative Educational Leadership (TEL), a racially and culturally diverse group of educational leaders across sectors that seeks to create systemic transformation based on a deep foundation of inner development.

Through interactive keynotes, Mindful Awareness Practices (MAPs), mindful dialogue, breakout sessions, and an integration panel, we explore how to:

  • Bring a spiritually centered approach to the cultivation of healing and well-being in education
  • Engage with contemplative pedagogy, indigenous wisdom, restorative practices, and Transformative Social and Emotional Learning (T-SEL) as a catalyst for racial justice and climate action
  • Create awakened communities of teaching and learning in our educational settings

Conference experiences will be grounded in a spiritually centered paradigm that allows for deep reflection, transformation, and integration at an individual and collective level.

Presenters are subject to change.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Jul 15–17, 2022

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13th Annual Mindfulness & Education Conference

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