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Navigating Anxiety in Children: Meeting Stress With Inner Strength

A Guided Hybrid Course


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Jenn Cohen Harper doing yoga at home with a young girl.

Discover a new framework to address childhood anxiety in this hybrid online course that includes live sessions with Jennifer Cohen Harper, founder of Little Flower Yoga.

In this hybrid course, Little Flower Yoga founder Jennifer Cohen Harper offers you tools and insights to help kids feel more powerful and competent in the face of anxiety.

Do you live or work with children whose anxiety is overwhelming them? Who shy away from participating in new activities or taking on challenges because they are afraid to fail? Whose behavior can be confusing and difficult to handle? Do you worry about your kids choosing harmful coping mechanisms as they struggle with the stress of their lives?

This hybrid guided online class features weekly live sessions (Fridays at noon ET, 9 a.m. PT) with Jennifer Cohen Harper and interviews with other experts in the field, including Dan Siegel, Rhonda V. Magee, Christopher Willard, and others. Along with self-paced content and activities, it addresses the most pressing topics affecting parents and children today. We explore embodied and effective ways to prepare children for anxiety-producing situations, navigate stress, reduce overwhelm and reactivity, and harness their capacity for self-compassion.

If you are a parent, teacher, or any adult who finds anxiety impacting the children in your care, you know that, when children can’t cope, challenges become stressors, and anxiety replaces anticipation. Our kids can’t enjoy childhood to the fullest, their learning suffers, and their long-term resilience is compromised. Children often get the message that their anxiety is something to get rid of or push away, but like all emotions our anxiety has a job to do.

We can teach our children to better understand their own experience, and find effective ways to meet their needs and engage with their lives from a place of personal power and agency.

You’ll walk away with a new framework for relating to anxiety, along with concrete practices to help your children learn to access their inner resources, calm their anxiety, transform their relationship to stress, and thrive even when life is challenging.

This workshop is perfect for parents and caregivers, educators, health-care providers, counselors, coaches and others who find anxiety and stress impacting the children in their care.

The class meets in real time on Fridays for discussion and activities that help support learning and enhance the practices and approaches taught by Jennifer Cohen Harper of Little Flower Yoga. In between the live sessions, you work independently through the eight-week curriculum through November 11.

Content will be relevant for children up through the teen years, and you may just find some practical applications for navigating your own worries, as well.

Workshop online


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Navigating Anxiety in Children: Meeting Stress With Inner Strength

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