workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Alchemy of Compassion

Meditation & Breathwork Retreat


Jun 5–10, 2022


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We are no longer taking registrations for this workshop.

Someone with hands on their heart practicing mindfulness.

Exhale tension, inhale nourishment, and allow the transformative power of love to expand and reveal itself with meditation teacher Scott Schwenk.


Scott Schwenk offers a guided meditation that leads you into the deep heart.

Embark on a tantric meditation journey with a cathartic breathwork practice that allows you to access the stillness of your mind and expand your deep heart, with meditation teacher Scott Schwenk.

Compassion is love without a story—an expression of transformative love—both a core practice as well as an outcome of skillful inner work.

Take a deep dive into the heart of love beyond personal motives in this weeklong retreat with Scott. Through guided meditations, breath practices, contemplations, and dharma talks, you learn to:

  • Strengthen your capacity for bringing the alchemical power of compassion to all of your moments and interactions in life
  • Boost your meditation practice, awakening insight and intuition
  • Stoke the longing to fully walk the path in all moments

The “great work of alchemy” is a metaphor for the transformative journey of waking up more deeply within and growing up more fully. It's about the transformation of the ego into the radiant gold of fully embodied freedom through wakefulness steeped in love.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Jun 5–10, 2022

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Alchemy of Compassion

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We are no longer taking registrations for this workshop.