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All For Love: A Livestream Workshop

The Transformative Power of Holding Space

With Matt Kahn.

Jul 15–17, 2022


Member: $89.00

Standard: $99.00

Omega faculty Matt Kahn

Reclaim your personal power and get to know the beauty and joy of emotional freedom via livestream with empathic healer Matt Kahn.

When the world around you feels chaotic, try this heart-centered mantra for inner peace from Matt Kahn.

Do you yearn for a deeper connection within yourself, your loved ones, and the universe? Are you exhausted by a world of judgments, fear, and conflict, and desire a way to live in the oneness of it all?

During this weekend workshop streamed live from Omega's Rhinebeck campus, take a deep dive into the transformative power of holding space and discover what it means to live "All For Love," with best-selling author and empathic healer Matt Kahn. In this livestream weekend retreat, you have the opportunity to:

  • Explore communication as a way of embodying and expressing love, compassion, and kindness
  • Learn to connect without overgiving, emotional depletion, people-pleasing, and loss of self-worth
  • Discover a true depth of safety in your body no matter the feelings being felt or the judgments in view
  • Recognize the importance of personal boundaries as a means of discerning authentic love from patterns of obsession

Amplify the intimacy in your life and create space for deeper connections to emerge as you step to the forefront of your highest living in this group healing event that complements your most exciting journey ahead.

Livestream participants will be included in the group healing.

For registered participants, this workshop will be available on demand for 60 days after it is posted. This workshop is also offered on Omega's Rhinebeck, New York, campus July 15–17. Learn more.

Workshop online

Jul 15–17, 2022

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All For Love: A Livestream Workshop

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