workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Angel Healing Immersion Weekend


Sep 15–17, 2023


Member: $325.00

Standard: $360.00

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Discover how you can work with angels to assist you on your life journey with Elizabeth Harper, Anthony "Dr. T" Cahill, Avalon, and Gerry Gavin.

Elizabeth Harper shares a weekly message from the angels.

Discover how to contact and work with angels, and receive messages that assist you on your life journey, during this immersive weekend retreat.

Guided by angel experts Elizabeth Harper, Anthony "Dr. T" Cahill, Avalon, and Gerry Gavin, you:

  • Learn automatic writing techniques to connect with your angel guides
  • Receive three powerful group energy healings with the archangels Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel
  • Experience channeled messages from the angel Margaret
  • Invoke the angelic frequency for healing, guidance, and support

You also engage in a demonstration of applied quantum mechanics used to direct angels to change energetic vibrations in the body for healing. Plus, discuss current theories about why we get sick, what drives it, and how we can change the direction of disease using angels.

Please note: Teachers are subject to change. 

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Sep 15–17, 2023

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Angel Healing Immersion Weekend

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