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Bardo Teachings

Cultivating Unconditional Awareness


Jul 3–8, 2022


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Experience timeless Buddhist teachings for changing times with Naropa psychology professor, Buddhist practitioner, and therapist Karen Kissel Wegela, PhD.

Karen Kissel Wegela explains the meaning of bardo.

Change may feel like the ground has dropped out from under us, leaving us struggling to find our footing again. The ancient Tibetan Buddhist teachings on bardo, or "in between" time, can be surprisingly helpful as we face the challenges of change and loss. 

In traditional Buddhist teachings, bardo can refer to the period between death and rebirth, but these teachings also apply to any transition, big and small: losing a loved one, waking up in the morning, or even the tiny gap between this moment and the next.  

Our weeklong journey together includes:

  • Talks on bardo
  • Mindfulness-awareness meditation
  • Compassion practice
  • Group conversation
  • Ritual as ways of cultivating our ability to ground ourselves again in awareness and presence

Previous meditation experience is not necessary. The workshop is appropriate for, but not limited to, health-care professionals.


Things to Bring

Participants are asked to bring an object that feels personally meaningful to them for placing on the community altar in our opening ritual.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Jul 3–8, 2022

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Bardo Teachings

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