workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Befriending Yourself—Loving The World

With Tim Olmsted.

Sep 9–11, 2022


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Cultivate a sensitive and compassionate relationship to yourself, and with the entire human family, with meditation teacher Tim Olmsted.

Tim Olmsted explains why examining your fears is essential to overcoming anxiety and knowing peace.

In these turbulent times, the very idea of staying open and connected to others seems utterly far-fetched. And yet, the quality of our lives, and life itself, is completely dependent on the well-being of our entire human family.

The key to discovering and opening to this reality rests on our cultivating a sensitive and compassionate relationship to ourselves. Once discovered, this warmth spontaneously radiates as authentic care and kindness towards the world around us, even to those people and circumstances that are the most challenging. Along the way, we discover a life that is rich, workable, and fundamentally good. We discover how to live with ease, clarity, and warmth.

In this weekend retreat, we’ll explore this beautiful journey through teachings, discussions, and sessions of meditation. This program is open to anyone interested in transforming their heart and experience of the world, experienced meditators, and those who are just starting out.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Sep 9–11, 2022

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Befriending Yourself—Loving The World

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