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Coaching for Transformation

Curriculum Overview

I. First 5 Day Retreat includes:

• Introduction to Core Principles - the Model, Levels of Listening, and Empowering Questions
• 23 Coaching Skills and Working with Limiting Beliefs
• Pathway I: Exploring Needs and Values
• Culturally Aware Coaching
• Pathway II: Experiencing the Moment - Awareness of Body, Mind and Spirit, Wisdom of the Body and Emotions

II. Second Weekend includes:

• Pathway III: Expanding the View - A four-step process to expanding what is possible, choosing, and embodying a new viewpoint.
• Pathway IV: Vision and Strategy - envisioning, Smart Goals, action, and accountability.

III. Third Weekend includes:

• Pathway V: Embracing the Shadow - Understanding and working with various parts of the psyche to create awareness and integration.
• The Business of Coaching - vision, values, developing, and implementing a plan.

IV. Fourth Weekend includes:

• Calling Out the Power - balancing boldness and compassion. Edgy coaching.
• Soul and Spirit in Coaching - Accessing Your Core Self, purpose, and calling forth the deepest parts of who you are.

Overall Approach

The learning process is experiential and includes instruction, demonstrations, practice, feedback, and discussions. The teleclasses review and expand the topics. There is a series on creating your coaching business. Mentoring provides small group and individual support in learning the skills and approach. Peer coaching, work with clients, and your own CFT coach provides practice to integrate of the method.

In addition to Richard and Madhu, other members of the Leadership that Works faculty will participate in teleclasses and mentoring.