workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Detox Your Heart

Medicine for the Soul


Sep 11–16, 2022


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Inquire into the story running your life, learn to relax your protectors, and free yourself from mental slavery with Dr. Valerie (Vimalasara) Mason-John.

After years of abuse and struggles with addiction, Dr. Valerie (Vimalasara) Mason-John was mired in the toxic emotions of anger, resentment, and fear. But through meditation and a willingness to forge a new path, she learned how to disarm such toxins and find peace.

How do we detox our heart? Join Dr. Mason-John for a journey to find medicine within, by combining the Buddhist teachings with shamanism and VortexHealing.

Dr. Mason-John is a leading Afrikan Descent practitioner in the field of mindfulness, Buddhism, addiction, and trauma. They are trained in Internal Family Systems, are one of the founding facilitators of Gabor Mate’s Compassionate Inquiry, and a master trainer in conflict transformation.

During this weeklong retreat, you:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of how our emotions run our life
  • Participate in VortexHealing and Triads work
  • Begin to realize that thoughts are not facts
  • Learn to distinguish the difference between feelings and emotions
  • Learn to see through your perceptions and interpretations

Come and be held in the sacred web of compassion and joy. Bring your voice, bring your body, bring your wisdom.

More Information

Faculty recommends you read the following book and join the following free online course in preparation for the class:

Things to Bring

Bring a journal.

A survivor of bullying, Valerie Mason-John uses expertise in mindfulness, bullying, and conflict transformation to suggest that bullying does not have to be part of everyday life.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Sep 11–16, 2022

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Detox Your Heart

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