workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Energy Medicine Weekend

A Healing Retreat to Increase Vitality


Aug 12–14, 2022


Member: $335.00

Standard: $375.00


Invigorate your energy and transform from the inside out with leading energy medicine healers, including Donna Eden and Dawson Church.

The I AM Body Prayer

Donna Eden joins via livestream.

Recognize the ability within to tap into your innate inner healing at any time—balance your energies, work with illness, increase vitality, and prevent disease—through the practice of energy medicine.

In this weekend retreat, join leading energy practitioners Donna Eden, Dawson Church, Eric Pearl, and more to explore a variety of healing modalities, some of which have been used since ancient times to help people heal.

Through lectures, discussions, hands-on techniques, and exercises to take home, learn how to:

  • Decode health symptoms to unlock healing in your body and mind so you can live the life you imagine
  • Clear lifetime wounds through working with the chakras to release heavy energies
  • Learn Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to create mental clarity
  • Feel empowered and in control of life situations

Whether you are an energy healer or psychotherapist looking to build your professional practice, or you are new to the field, all are invited to discover how to unlock your body’s ability to heal.

Donna Eden joins via livestream. Teachers are subject to change.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Aug 12–14, 2022

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Energy Medicine Weekend

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