workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Energy Transformation Awareness


Oct 1–6, 2023


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Standard: $450.00

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Explore Energy Transformation Awareness and discover the next version of your potential with intuitive teacher and medium Deborah Hanlon.

Deborah Hanlon explains how insight guidance can teach you how to look within yourself to trust your own intuition.

How can the knowledge that everything is energy be applied to your own personal awareness and transformation?

Join intuitive teacher and medium Deborah Hanlon and explore Energy Transformation Awareness, a lively and emotionally charged process of identifying your conditioned behaviors and beliefs, and creating an upgraded version of yourself.

In this weeklong retreat, you learn how to:

  • Intuitively access your subconscious to identify beliefs you hold about yourself
  • Understand your relation to others
  • Shift your old perspectives to create a new conscious awareness

This journey creates a profound process of relinquishing what no longer serves you and empowering you to unlock your potential. You also discover a deeper understanding around the concepts of death, the afterlife, and living.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Oct 1–6, 2023

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Energy Transformation Awareness

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  • Deborah Hanlon

    Deborah Hanlon is a medium and the author of In the Presence of Proof: A Medium’s View of The...