workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Essential Kundalini Yoga

Flowing, Glowing & Healing


Jul 8–10, 2022


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Two women in a Kundalini yoga class

Remove energetic blocks, and access deep relaxation and healing with Karena Virginia’s accessible yet powerful Kundalini Yoga flow. 

Karena Virginia says Kundalini Yoga changes the energetic field in and around our bodies to help us manifest blessings.

Are you feeling stuck in your life? Author, yoga instructor, and healer Karena Virginia says that we are living in a true golden age. While we are healing grief from the past, we are uniting in a new way which will welcome a miraculous future. 

Join Karena and immerse yourself in the ancient science of Kundalini Yoga in an accessible and nurturing style that will leave you glowing. The practice Karena teaches integrates Kundalini Yoga from the Himalayas with hatha yoga and healing, a method she has honed through her studies with ancient yogis in India and the Himalayas.

Each student has the guru within themselves, Karena says. We are our own masters, and we have the divine working to remind us of that every day. Join Karena to:

  • Dive into the art and science of Kundalini 
  • Move your body daily with a yoga practice that emphasizes energy, meditation, and healing
  • Discover other ancient healing modalities such as the law of attraction through physics
  • Experience restful meditation 
  • Access health, vitality, and courage

Students do not need to wear white or cover their heads for this practice. All walks of life, all religions, and all levels from beginners to experts are welcome. Parts of the workshop will be rigorous if the student chooses, and modifications will be provided.


Things to Bring

Please note that Omega will not be providing yoga mats to borrow, so you must bring one with you or purchase a mat at the Omega Store.


Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Jul 8–10, 2022

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Essential Kundalini Yoga

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