workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Four Dimensions of Presence


Aug 19–21, 2022


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Learn Presence Psychotherapy as a self-inquiry for balancing emotions and expanding consciousness with psychotherapist Michelle Lepak.

Presence is in all things and connects us to the source of all things.

Explore practices that open awareness to the Four Dimensions of Presence: Spacious Presence, Grounded Presence, Relational Presence, and Transcendent Presence. Join psychotherapist Michelle Lepak, developer of the Presence Psychotherapy model, to discover how to sense Presence in and around your body throughout your day.

Guided by Michelle, we explore:

  • The difference between spiritual override and spiritual resource in working with thoughts, feelings, and sensations
  • Presence Psychotherapy practices that help us have a felt sense of both realities simultaneously
  • The unique benefit of each Dimension of Presence and how each can be utilized to work with specific emotions
  • Presence Psychotherapy’s self-inquiry process to balance emotions and increase resilience and well-being

We are spacious presence beyond our minds and bodies and—at the same time—we are embodied humans.

Through guided and silent meditation, interpersonal sharing, and walking meditation through the Omega campus, we experience the benefits of retreat-style meditation and also learn practices that help us experience each of the Dimensions of Presence throughout our day even when we are not meditating.

This retreat is open to both beginning and experienced meditators.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Aug 19–21, 2022

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Four Dimensions of Presence

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