workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Freedom From Attachment Addiction

Finding Fulfillment & Joy in Recovery

With Nikki Myers.

Jun 3–5, 2022


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Learn how to look inside yourself for joy and explore freedom from addictive cravings with Nikki Myers, cofounder of Yoga of 12-Step Recovery.

Nikki Myers explains how Y12SR creates a sustainable platform for addiction recovery.

The timeless teachings of yoga tell us that we are “islands of excellence; born to excel.” Our inner core is boundless and filled with luminous joy, love, energy, and brilliance.

And yet, rather than looking inward, many of us search for joy and fulfillment in the next person, escape, degree, job, substance, or experience. These choices often lead us down a path of joyless attachment and addiction.

Addiction can be described as the disease of the lost self. When we look outside of ourselves for something that can only come from inside, we become increasingly disconnected from lasting peace and tranquility. True and lasting joy and fulfillment come from knowing our own intrinsic identity.

Using the ancient texts of yoga as foundation, we will dive into teachings from western and eastern philosophy and psychology as well as asana, pranayama, meditation, lecture, and discussion to explore freedom from addictive cravings.

Things to Bring

Please note that Omega will not be providing yoga mats to borrow, so you must bring one with you or purchase a mat at the Omega Store. 

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Jun 3–5, 2022

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Freedom from Attachment Addiction

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