workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Growing Big Dreams

With Robert Moss.

Jul 14–16, 2023


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Growing Big Dreams

Call back your master imagineer and learn the core techniques of active dreaming with best-selling novelist and dream teacher Robert Moss.

Robert Moss shares his experience as an active dreamer, and how his dreams and real life intertwine.

The great trick in life is to do what you love and let the universe support it.

Your dreams will guide you, because dreams reveal the secret wishes of the soul and provide course corrections for the delusions of the day. The world around you will guide you, in the play of symbols and synchronicity.

And over all the time you have spent stuck in old histories, your big story has been stalking you, to carry you into a life of wild freedom and delight.

In this high-energy adventure with best-selling novelist and dream teacher Robert Moss, learn the core techniques of Active Dreaming, Robert's original synthesis of shamanism and dreamwork. Call back your master imagineer, your inner child, who knows the magic of making things up, and cultivate imagery for self-healing.

Learn how to grow a vision your body believes and your greater self endorses—so vivid it wants to take root in your world. When you move in the energy field of that vision, the world responds to you, because you are magnetic.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Jul 14–16, 2023

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Growing Big Dreams

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  • Robert Moss

    Robert Moss, a former professor of ancient history and creator of Active Dreaming, is a best-selling...