workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Heal Yourself & Others

Dissolve the Illusion of Distance, Space, and Time

With Eric Pearl.

Aug 7–12, 2022


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Omega faculty Eric Pearl

Explore Reconnective Healing to discover the infinite you and free yourself from the limits of space and time with internationally best-selling author and healer Dr. Eric Pearl.

Dr. Eric explains the timelessness of Reconnective Healing frequencies.

Let’s face it, we’re all human and it’s easy to become estranged from our awareness of the greater whole. But there are ways to unleash the tethers that bind us to this plane.

Dr. Eric reveals how our human conflicts have led us to a separation that extends beyond our worldly borders and into the universe itself.

As our drive to individualize continues to fill the void created by this separation, there is within us a voice, a timeless energy, that is rising up to help us return to a state of oneness with the cosmos.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to experience how the Reconnective Healing Experience stimulates the voice that guides us to reconnect with our own infinity prior to all limitations that were created in the space and time experience.

In this weeklong retreat of multiple interactive experiences and specially designed meditations, Eric shares how to:

  • Access your infinite potential in each and every moment
  • Move past the perceived limitations that define your life
  • Dissolve otherness and live in true oneness
  • Discover your true nature as the infinite being that you are

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Aug 7–12, 2022

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Heal Yourself & Others

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