workshop Rhinebeck, NY

How to Make Empowered Asks

Embrace Possibility, Release Limitations & Get Support


Jul 3–8, 2022


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A woman helping another woman up.

Learn how to make "empowered asks," release limiting beliefs, and get the support women deserve with leadership development coach Elayne Fluker.

Elayne Fluker says the "I got it" syndrome is what ambitious women fall back on whenever someone offers support. She offers a method to be open to and accept the support women deserve.

For many women—across various cultures, identities, and experiences—asking for support may be viewed as a sign of weakness or incompetence.

But the opposite is true when it comes to a genuine display of leadership, confidence, and self-worth, says Elayne Fluker, author of Get Over "I Got It." Struggling through challenges alone can lead to stress, anxiety, and feeling stuck.

During this interactive 5-day retreat, you learn to:

  • Develop a willingness to ask for and accept support as the key to success, fulfillment, and peace of mind
  • Shift your mindset around support to help you stress less and thrive more
  • Utilize journaling, group interactions, and rituals to embody the reasons for making "empowered asks"
  • Set your intentions, let go of limiting beliefs, and get the support you deserve

Things to Bring

Bring a journal with you to the course.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Jul 3–8, 2022

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How to Make Empowered Asks

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