workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Jump Start Your Memoir

Write It From the Heart


Sep 18–23, 2022


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Tell your own story from the heart in this creative memoir writing workshop with distinguished writer and NPR commentator Nancy Slonim Aronie.

Nancy Slonim Aronie says that there is too much judgment in our lives. It is important for the creative process to foster a safe environment.

Jump Start Your Memoir is an inspiring immersion for the beginning writer and is nurturing for the burnt-out professional. It is about honoring your own voice in a safe, inviting place.

Nancy Slonim Aronie says, “I can’t teach writing. I don’t think anyone can. But I can make it safe and I’ve learned when people feel safe, they go deep. The writing gets more powerful, the heart goes deeper, and the words flow faster. Getting the story of your life out of your body means you don’t have to carry the weight of it around anymore. When people ask if it’s therapy, I answer, ‘No, but it’s therapeutic to write the truth.’”

Dive into writing and discover your own rhythms, use your own language, and tell your own story. Together, we laugh, we cry, and we write.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Sep 18–23, 2022

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Jump Start Your Memoir

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