workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Learn to Read Your Astrology Chart

Navigate Your Celestial Makeup

With Gahl Sasson.

Oct 14–16, 2022


Member: $380.00

Standard: $425.00

Astrology charts in the night sky

Uncover the powers of your own personal road map to understanding the universe and your place in it with author and teacher Gahl Sasson.

Gahl Sasson explains the process of composing your own personal astrology chart.

Learn to use astrology to understand yourself, friends, family, and current events, and improve your life in the process, with author and astrologer Gahl Sasson.

In this informative and entertaining weekend retreat that explores the zodiacal alphabet used to read your chart as well as others, you learn:

  • Your astrological DNA
  • Your rising and moon signs, and what they tell you about who you are and your potential
  • Which planets are influencing your career, relationships, and health
  • The archetypes of the 12 signs and planets, and how they manifest in our lives


More Information

No prior knowledge of astrology is needed. Participants are encouraged to print out their free natal chart at the Chart Generator for the workshop.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Oct 14–16, 2022

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Learn to Read Your Astrology Chart

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